The fast, practical and efective way to get a group opinion

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Fast, practical and efective

The user looks at an image accompanied by a short text according to it, they can react with an emotion or share their understanding only sliding a finger, they can also reinforce their response with a brief comment.

Icon 1Practical tool for groups of any discipline
Icon 2See results instantly
Icon 3Easy analysis of group responses
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Icon 1For groups of 2 to 100 people
Icon 2Create a survey easily and in no time
Icon 3Fast and intuitive responses

Answers will be evaluated by a color gradient.

Optimize your projects by knowing the opinion of your team or audience where they register their emotions and their understanding of any topic


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Who can use Yoxi?


Yoxi focuses on two essential aspects of human communication: Empathy and understanding
So any discipline or group of people can use it!


Teams work

School groups

Satisfaction survey

Social opinion

Shopping experience

Your family

"We all need someone to give us feedback. This is how we improve." -Bill Gates.

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